Benefits of Joining us

Healing in itself is a force which helps you get rid of many problems. At Aura Therapeutic, we understand your problems in-depth and focus on curating perfect healing solutions for your body, mind and soul.

We believe in utmost privacy of our clients when the healing sessions are required personally for any of their personal or professional healings. We hear you completely and make a detailed note of the concerns and do the energy analysis and help you with any challenges in your personal or professional life and provide healing with a combination of different techniques like Pranic Healing, Sound Healing, Tarot Card Reading, Angel Card Reading and Angel Therapy depending upon the treatment required for the best outcome for your situation.

We also conduct group meditation sessions for corporates, schools, kids, friends, pre wedding, kitty parties, birthday parties, etc. These sessions can be conducted in mutually framed purpose and timings as desired. For example, stress reduction and employee efficiency for corporates or stress and anxiety reductions for kids before exams, etc.

We provide you wide list of healing sessions for any of your personal or professional reasons or for group sessions all under Aura Therapeutic.

Our Beliefs

Practicing Forgiveness

Plant trees to align yourself with cosmic rhythm

Positive Thoughts

Cultivate Good Health

Practice Meditation

Indulge in any form of excercise

Do Pranayam


“I have been to Urvee’s sessions and I cannot put my experience in words. It is a way to heal, calm, relax and understand yourself. I had an amazing experience. Would like to thank Urvee for giving me such a beautiful experience.”


“Just before attending the session, I was stressed thinking about my career, life in general. A friend told me about this session and asked me joined her.

Tibetan bowl was the one which helped me feel relaxed. It was so soothing. For few days I was just focusing on positivity and brighter side of life because of this session. I thank urvee for allowing me to attend her session and making me believe that life is beautiful and there are ways you can be stress free, how you can relieve all the pain that you have whether its physical or mentally.

Also, I appreciate her efforts of making people relaxed….Stay blessed”


“At Auratherapy I had an wonderful experience… the session I attended made me feel so fresh relieve my stress and specially gave me a good sleep… thanks Urvee once again you are doing beautiful thing”


“Hi .. this is Nehal Mehta and i got a chance to attend Urvee shah’s auratheraputic session of singing bowls. I am sure no matter how much i write wont be doing full justice because words wont be enough to describe the wonderful experience i had. Urvee conducted the session so well that within minutes i was completely lost in the rhythm of singing bowl. It was deeply emotional, profoundly physical and immensely soothing. I could feel tingling sensations in my hands and spine and vibration throughout my body. the experience was wonderful and different. I would strongly recommend people to attend this session. it takes you where you are suppose to be.. just come with a open heart and leave yourself to Urvee Shah.”


“Hey, thank u so much it was a wonderful session, me and my husband both loved it.”


“Great experience to attend the sessions conducted by Mrs Urvee, every session unfold the new potential and u understand the change within. I initially just started alone to try the sessions and now everytime i add booking the seat for my near and dear ones. My mom a non believer never would miss a chance to attend and her bright smile after every session is a percious gift to me means a lot.

In a present scenario, where every charge comes with a GST, free sessions are conducted by Urvee. Truely feel the connection and greatful to have such a special person as a friend. I really appreciate her efforts and time dedicated towards social and spiritual elevation.  As a professional shall recommend for all sectors as life is always on a busy schedule…the tibetan sound therapy is a much better way to calm oneself and focus on the potentials for achieving high levels of productivity. Urvee your dedication and work is of high futuristic value.”


“The moon guided meditation session i took with Urvee was very refreshing. The combination of flow of instructions with the sound of the bowls is very soothing and relaxing. Felt ansense of peace and calm. With daily stress and work, i always feel tension and pain in the muscles, around the neck and shoulder that was much less immediately after the session. Felt like a kind reset. Thanx a million. “