Sound Healing

Sound Healing

-Crystals are living things with higher consciousness, vibrations & unique frequency in a non living manner or object.

-Crystals are used as a shield or weapon to protect our energy in physical material world.

-All crystals differ from colours, shapes, sizes, frequency, healing abilities, quality, texture, types of crystals etc.

-Crystals and stones naturally have consciousness and thereby can be used as a powerful instrument of healing.

Why Crystal Healing with crystals?

-Although there are many types of crystal that can be used for healing, but here at Aura, we use Clear Quartz Crystal.

-The use of crystal will significantly make your healing faster and deeper.

-However, one must remember that a crystal is just a tool for healing, its effectiveness depends on the willingness of the patient to heal, trust on the process, receptivity in receiving the healing energies.

-Shortens & fastens healing period.

-Extracting negative emotions and diseased energies from your aura quickly and easily.

-Activating and revitalising your charkas.

-Using the coloured Pranic energies for facilitating rapid healing.

(Please note: We also conduct sessions on other days apart from Full Moon and New moon.)

**Consultation required with the client / patient before commencing healing.**

Consultation fee ₹500/- (”One time fee”)



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